1st Day of Summer Training Camp

Today we completed the first day of wrestling camp. It was great to be on the mat with our team for the first time. Today we had 16 wrestlers show up on the first day of camp. I appreciate your parent support by helping enroll your child/children for summer camp and getting him/her to practice. This is the first step to start building a championship team. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of our first year wrestlers: Alexander, Connor, Dillon and Myles. The best news of the day is all of them said they will attend the next practice. Congrats to you guys, and keep showing up.

It was great for some of our returning wrestlers to get back on the mat for the first time in 4 months. Our team was able to work out some of the rust, recognize they need to build their strength, get conditioned, and remember why they joined wrestling in the first place. I was very pleased with the focus and effort in the room today, and I look forward to seeing the progress everyone will make by the end of the week.

Parents, we have four wrestling teams: frosh/soph (freshmen and sophomores), junior varsity (JV), varsity (V), and girls (G). There are 14 weight classes on each team, for a possible 84 wrestlers. Currently we only have 20 wrestlers on our roster. Our team goal is to get 80 wrestlers to join our team ASAP, 60 guys and 20 girls. I would encourage you to talk with your child/children about who they think should join our team. Parents, if you know or hear of any other parents considering to have their child join a sport, it would be helpful if you suggest Beckman Wrestling. I would like to welcome everyone, and thank all of you for your support. Let’s have a great summer training camp. Go Patriots!

Coach Smith

Beckman Summer Wrestling Camp

The Beckman Wrestling Summer Camp will start next week. The wrestling camp is offered to in-coming freshmen up to seniors. Due to unforeseen circumstances the practice dates and times have changed.  We will practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4:30 to 6:30. The first day of practice is next Monday, June 29th. The last day of practice is scheduled on Thursday, July 30th. Because we are only practicing 3 days a week, I have extended the summer wrestling camp an extra week. Trabuco Hills High School will be hosting summer scrimmages on Tuesday from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. This allows our wrestlers to get some extra wrestling with other local schools in the area. Be sure to subscribe to this feed by entering your email address to the right. I will also post this information on our Facebook page. Parents and wrestlers, be sure to join our private / closed Facebook group by searching for Beckman Patriots Wrestling. I would like to ask for your patience as we navigate through this coaching transition. Lets have a great summer camp.

Coach Smith

Beckman Wrestling

New Beckman Wrestling Coach

I would like to take this oportunity to introduce myself. My name is Coach Greg Smith and I am privileged and honored to be the new head wrestling coach for Beckman High. Last year I was the head boys and girls varsity wrestling coach at Tustin. Prior to that I was an assistant. Before coaching at Tustin High I was the head assistant coach at Valdez Wrestling & Training Gym located on the Irvine/Santa Ana border. I have coached at Valdez Wrestling for the past 6 years. Some of you might know of two Beckman wrestlers that trained extensively at Valdez Wrestling Club, Andrei Martinez and Tony Anderson. I have spoke with both Coach Robinson and Coach Ramirez so they can help me with the transition as the new coach. I am currently focused on hiring the best coaching staff possible for next season and growing the number of wrestlers for our boys and girls wrestling team. I look forward to getting to know our parents and wrestlers over the summer. Please become a subscriber to our feed, by entering your email address to the right. Parents and wrestlers are encouraged to create a Facebook page and join our private/closed group Beckman Patriots Wrestling. I have also created an Instagram page and would like all parents, wrestlers, and supporters to follow Beckman Wrestling on Instagram. I am looking forward to a great year. Go Patriots.

Coach Smith

Irvine Pre-Season Rumble

Irvine High School

Pre-Season Rumble

Saturday Nov 22, 2014

All Levels: Varsity – JV – Novice

Starts @ 9:30am (wrestlers be there by 8:00a to warm up) – NO WEIGH-INS

**Finished by noon**

Thank you,

Coach Luis

Win Over Northwood 12/18/13

A job well done tonight and we are proud of all of our wrestlers as we defeat Northwood High School 64-10! With this win our dual record improves to 9-2. We had a solid performance with no real glaring issues, but we look forward to our next test as we face University High School in our 2nd league dual meet on January 8th.

Tustin Championships

Congrats to all the wrestlers who helped the Beckman Wrestling Team take 2nd place at the Tustin Championships!


Edison Information

The bus will be leaving Beckman HS at 9am on Friday. Be sure to be there early enough to be ready to go. Coaches will be there early if you need to check your weight.
The weight allowance on Friday is 1 lb. Not the 2 lbs  we originally thought. You will get a second pound allowance on Saturday morning.

From a Former Patriot Wrestler

Its odd really. It was just one little tick on a blue piece of paper. I didn’t think much of it then, but deciding to participate in high school wrestling in the last few weeks of middle school would put my life down a drastically different course. I’m not sure how many of you know me now, or even knew me then in middle school, but being a wrestler has helped me develop myself into the young adult I am today.

Coming into high school, I was somewhat shy, un-athletic, and a teenager lacking overall confidence. I did well in school, but it was wrestling that allowed me to discover another side to myself. As the coaches can attest, the following years would bear witness to my development into a more confident leader, both on and off the mat. I still remember the first few months of practice. I worked myself to tears, and frankly looking back, it’s a little embarrassing.

But as I put in the work, I found that I got better and better at the sport. It was liberating. There are few other sports out there where purely hard work can lead to success. In wrestling, no matter how athletic you become, no matter how much natural talent you have, there is still an element of practicing technique and drills to which few other sports can match. And honestly, this translates well into the rest of a wrestler’s life.

Yet, high school wrestling doesn’t last forever. Most of my teammates aren’t wrestling anymore after high school. I find less and less time to wrestle at my college club team. But the lessons one takes from being a wrestler lasts forever. To me, a successful wrestler doesn’t have to be the one who wins state title after state title (although that is admittedly impressive); a successful wrestler is one who can take the values they learned on the mat, and use them to become a better person.

Beckman Duals

“Thanks to all those who came to support us! We won both duals and although we saw some areas in which to improve, we were very happy and proud of our wrestlers.”
~ Coach Robinson


IHS Scrimmage

Last weekend’s scrimmage at Irvine HS was our first opportunity to wrestle live. Our wrestlers competed hard!