Irvine Pre-Season Rumble

Irvine High School

Pre-Season Rumble

Saturday Nov 22, 2014

All Levels: Varsity – JV – Novice

Starts @ 9:30am (wrestlers be there by 8:00a to warm up) – NO WEIGH-INS

**Finished by noon**

Thank you,

Coach Luis

Win Over Northwood 12/18/13

A job well done tonight and we are proud of all of our wrestlers as we defeat Northwood High School 64-10! With this win our dual record improves to 9-2. We had a solid performance with no real glaring issues, but we look forward to our next test as we face University High School in our 2nd league dual meet on January 8th.

Tustin Championships

Congrats to all the wrestlers who helped the Beckman Wrestling Team take 2nd place at the Tustin Championships!


Edison Information

The bus will be leaving Beckman HS at 9am on Friday. Be sure to be there early enough to be ready to go. Coaches will be there early if you need to check your weight.
The weight allowance on Friday is 1 lb. Not the 2 lbs  we originally thought. You will get a second pound allowance on Saturday morning.

From a Former Patriot Wrestler

Its odd really. It was just one little tick on a blue piece of paper. I didn’t think much of it then, but deciding to participate in high school wrestling in the last few weeks of middle school would put my life down a drastically different course. I’m not sure how many of you know me now, or even knew me then in middle school, but being a wrestler has helped me develop myself into the young adult I am today.

Coming into high school, I was somewhat shy, un-athletic, and a teenager lacking overall confidence. I did well in school, but it was wrestling that allowed me to discover another side to myself. As the coaches can attest, the following years would bear witness to my development into a more confident leader, both on and off the mat. I still remember the first few months of practice. I worked myself to tears, and frankly looking back, it’s a little embarrassing.

But as I put in the work, I found that I got better and better at the sport. It was liberating. There are few other sports out there where purely hard work can lead to success. In wrestling, no matter how athletic you become, no matter how much natural talent you have, there is still an element of practicing technique and drills to which few other sports can match. And honestly, this translates well into the rest of a wrestler’s life.

Yet, high school wrestling doesn’t last forever. Most of my teammates aren’t wrestling anymore after high school. I find less and less time to wrestle at my college club team. But the lessons one takes from being a wrestler lasts forever. To me, a successful wrestler doesn’t have to be the one who wins state title after state title (although that is admittedly impressive); a successful wrestler is one who can take the values they learned on the mat, and use them to become a better person.

Beckman Duals

“Thanks to all those who came to support us! We won both duals and although we saw some areas in which to improve, we were very happy and proud of our wrestlers.”
~ Coach Robinson


Our Families Support Our Wrestlers!

All the families who attended Wrestling 101 had an opportunity for a complimentary family photo with their wrestler.

Wrestling 101

Hello everyone,

One week down! Practice has raised in intensity but our athletes have responded with vigor and they continue to improve. There are many new faces who are still just learning the ropes and this Thursday (Nov 21st) we are providing a crash course for both new wrestlers and parents. This will be a great opportunity to learn basic rules and terminology of the sport. Watching a match can be a bit confusing when you don’t have much experience with it. We would like to alleviate as much of that confusion as possible. Our tutorial will be held in the Beckman gym, where we will demonstrate the anatomy of a match so you know when to cheer on your child :), as well as explain common themes within the sport of which every fan should be aware (i.e. skin care, nutrition, rules, etc).

Doors will open at 5pm. There will be a meet and greet period before we start the demonstration at 6pm. We hope to end by 8pm.

~Coach Robinson~

Kuddos to Our Wrestlers!

Our athletes have been hard at work volunteering for community events. We received the following message from Laurie Abelove for their work on the Bike Tour at the Dinosaur Dash XXI:

“VOLUNTEERS DON’T GET PAID, NOT BECAUSE THEY’RE WORTHLESS, BUT BECAUSE THEY’RE PRICELESS!! Thank you for volunteering and making the weekend of the Dinosaur Dash a success! We had about 650 volunteers over the 3 days and over 7300 people registered for one of the Dino Dash events. This event wouldn’t have been a success without each and every one of you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”

And this thank you from Dr. Jay Amin and his Fight Obesity Walk Team:

“We wanted to send out one last Thank You to all our volunteers that helped out during our 1st Fight Obesity Walk.  We are excited to announce that we raised close to $4000.00 thanks to all of you! Without your help, we couldn’t have done it. We really appreciate all the time, and energy you put into making our event a success.”

Great work wrestlers – you make us proud!