Do You Have Wrestling Tournament Jitters?

Are you getting the tournament jitters? I know I did. Are you telling yourself, I don’t know the rules? How about, I don’t even know how to score on the other guy? I can’t lock hands, what the heck…??? What is a pin? What is a bridge? Are you worried about winning and losing? Are you worried about being embarrassed because you don’t know any wrestling technique? Guess what? You’re not alone!!!! It was this way for all of us. So, here’s the scoop…..

All of these thoughts and feelings are to be expected. This happens when you do something for the first time, wrestling, or something else. I would expect you to be nervous about competing in your first wrestling tournament, this is what makes you human.

With that said, there is nothing to worry about. Everyone that attends their first tournament survived. The tournament we are attending this weekend is not about winning and losing. This tournament is about the journey and the wrestling experience. You can never be a wrestler if you don’t go to your first tournament and there is no better time then NOW!!!!

Our wrestlers will get the chance to weigh-in for the first time. They will learn where staging is and how to report to a wrestling mat. They will learn how to put on their anklet and make sure a coach is in their corner to coach them. They will learn what it is like to hang out with their teammates and watch them compete hours on end. They will learn what it’s like to be bored like crazy (for some of them). Others won’t get enough and will be on the edge of their seat watching everyone wrestle, because that’s what we do.

We will be able to film their wrestling matches and teach them after the match on about the rules, scoring, things they did well, and the things they can learn how to. Our experienced wrestlers get to show the young guys the ropes and engage and bond with each other, because that’s what wrestlers do. Again, this is about the overall wrestling experience as a team. It will be a learning experience for everyone involved, including the coaches. But most importnatly, it will be lots of FUN!!!!! The best thing after the first tournament is now you can call yourself a wrestler, and you know what it feels like to get your hand raised!!! Now let’s go have some fun. Welcome to Beckman wrestling. See you tomorrow morning @ 7am.

Coach Smith Signing Off

Guys Pre-season Wrestling Tournament

I am looking forward to coaching our guys at the first pre-season tournament at Esperanza High School this Saturday. We will meet at BHS at 7am. We will need enough coaches and parents to help commute. We should be back at BHS approx. 2:30. The entry fee is $15. You might want to bring some extra money for the snack bar. You will need to purchase a USA Wrestling card for insurance purposes, click on the link below. I am looking forward to a great wrestling season. Go Patriots!

3-Day Trail Practice Run for Men’s Wrestling

All wrestlers that will be joining the men’s wrestling team must have their physical completed by tomorrow, Monday Sept. 28th. You are also required to attend a 3-day practice this week, Tuesday – Thursday from 4:00 – 5:30 (Sept. 29th – Oct. 1st). Then you can decide if you want to change your class schedule to 6th period wrestling.

Men’s Wrestling Team Requirments

If you are not in 6th period, or if you are in 6th period and this is your first year wrestling, you need to complete your physical by next Monday and turn in the paper work to Mrs. Oberlind in the athletic office. Also, you have a required practice next Tuesday – Thursday (Sept. 29 – Oct. 1st). Practice time is 4:00 – 5:30. After you complete the three day practice you can decided if you are “all-in” and want to join the wrestling team, or not. If you decide to join the men’s wrestling team, you will need to have your class schedule changed to 6th period wrestling the following week.

6th Period Wrestling for our Lady Patriots

You need to see your counselor to change your class schedule to 6th period wrestling. After your schedule is changed, you are required to attend 6th period wrestling so you don’t get marked absent. You will need to wear running shoes, t-shirt/sport top, sport’s bra, shorts (with a draw string) or spandex shorts, or leggings. No jewelry. You also need to get your physical done by the end of next week. Turn in your paper work to Sissy in the athletic office. You need to join our Facebook team page, search for: Beckman Patriots Wrestling and send a request to join our group. If your parents won’t let you use Facebook, they have to call me.

9 Steps to Join Beckman Men’s & Ladies Wrestling

I am happy to announce that the Beckman Wrestling program is growing. Congratulations to the 44 men and 18 ladies that completed the Beckman Wrestling tryout. If you did not do the tryout, YOU CAN STILL JOIN WRESTLING, simply follow the steps outlined below. Some of you may have already completed some of these steps, simply double check and make sure everything gets done, and on time. Steps 1-5 need to be completed by Monday, Sept. 21st.

1) MISSED TRYOUTS? – It’s not too late. You need to join Beckman wrestling by Monday, September 21st. Click on the button to the left that says Join Beckman Wrestling and submit your information and follow the steps below.
2) BECKMAN WRESTLING COMMITMENT & EXPECTATIONS PACKET – This is a general overview of the team commitments. Parent and wrestler needs to sign the packet.
3) ATHLETIC CLEARANCE FORMS – Print the athletic clearance forms from our website (click on Team Info. scroll to Forms). Print, complete, and sign these forms with your parents. Remove documents for the physical (see Step 7 below).
4) BLUE CARD – Get a “blue” card from Sissy in the athletic office. Complete and sign the “blue” card.
5) TURN IN ALL DOCUMENTS – Turn in the the commitment packet, clearance forms, and blue card to Coach Kincaid or Coach Smith next Monday. If you DO NOT turn in your paper work by Monday, it might be too lake to get your class schedule changed.
6) CLASS SCHEDULE – After all signed paper work has been turned in, I will submit a list to administration so they can change your class schedule and you can transition into 6th period wrestling (your new PE class).
7) PHYSICAL – After your class schedule has been changed and you are in 6th period wrestling, get your physical. Physical needs to be completed by next Thursday, Sept, 24th and paper work turned in to Coach Kincaid or Coach Smith on Friday, Sept. 25th.
8) CREATE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT – All four (4) wrestling coaches are walk-on coaches, meaning we DO NOT teach on campus. Because this is the case, Facebook is the primary source of communication for our team (practice schedules, tournament schedules, fundraisers, line-up changes, bus pick-up times, etc….). Facebook will help you know what is going on and where your wrestler needs to be, and when. Each wrestler and one parent needs to create a Facebook account and join our team Facebook page. You will need to search for our group: Beckman Patriot Wrestling and request to join. I will be notified and give you access to our team page. If you do not want your child to use Facebook, then you need to email me so special arrangements can be made. My email is:
9) TRANSPORTATION FEE – After you are in 6th period wrestling and cleared to wrestle by a doctor, you will need to pay a $120 transportation fee. You can pay in the student store during break, lunch, or after school. The check is payable to: Beckman ASB.

If you have questions, email Coach Smith at: